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Best Excuses We've Heard for Not Joining a Gym!

     I don't have time to get in shape!

Well, you had time to get out of shape--why can't you make the time to get back into shape? Fitness can be as simple as moving for 30 minutes each day, whether you have a gym membership or you are walking the dog. Everyone can participate in a fitness program, and everyone has the time. Keep in mind that the average household has a television on for a minimum of seven and one-half hours per day. Sixty percent of all adults are seriously overweight. 

If you reorganize your time and schedule, you can change your life for the better in less than one hour a day, three days a week! Really!

Just do it--no more excuses!

     My spouse might not want me to join a gym!
Do you really believe that your spouse wants you to be boring, out of shape, lacking in energy, and absolutely no fun at all? Surely, he must want you to find it impossible to keep up with your kids, and he simply adores your constant complaining about those extra pounds you've put on. Alternatively, isn't it more probable that your spouse will secretly be happy to see you doing the right thing for yourself? Perhaps he might decide to exercise, too!

     I can't afford to join a gym!
Joining a gym costs the equivalent of one cup of coffee a day at your local coffee shop, whether it's at Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, or anywhere else. Joining a gym for a month is far less than the cost of one pack of cigarettes a day, less than the cost of a night out with the kids, less than a few orders of home delivered pizza each month, and even less than a couple of movie rentals each week. Out of all these options, isn't feeling good about yourself the most important? Come on, put down that second cup of coffee and get yourself a gym membership!

     I don't know if I will stick with it!
Fitness only has to happen a few times a week to work. If you add on a couple of walks around your neighborhood, take the stairs at work instead of the elevator, and keep moving throughout the day, fitness just happens. You don't have to change your life to experience the benefits of fitness, but you do have to make the decision to make it a part of your life by moving a little each day. 

Our slogan says it best, "You've Gotta Move It, Girl!"