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The Woman's Workout Company Features

The Woman's Workout Company has many programs, features, and services. Here are several that we know you'll enjoy:
  • Our Mission--We promise to be the best part of your day, every day! We take pride in providing quality services and programs to all women of every fitness level in a supportive atmosphere that fosters confidence, comfort, and positive lifestyle changes. It is our desire to create an environment that you enjoy so much you look forward to coming every day--even to the point where you can say that working out here at WWC is Fun!

  • Sauna--Nothing feels better after an invigorating workout than to sit back and enjoy our redwood sauna! You'll find it located in the locker room!

  • Childcare--WWC is one of the few fitness centers available locally to offer child care. Being a facility for women operated by women, we understand the importance of quality child care. We have many members who are mothers of small children, and they appreciate knowing that they can enjoy their workouts at WWC without worry. For further information regarding our playroom procedures, please refer to our child care guidelines for in-depth details.

  • Cycle Room--The spinning room accommodates our cycle classes. A cycle class is an indoor bike ride where the lights are dimmed slightly. The cycle instructor prompts you through a self-paced workout modified to your own speed and resistance level. Upbeat music inspires you to peddle through an hour of fun that is over just when you thought you were getting started! Bring water and a towel!

  • Group Exercise--Our group exercise schedule is loaded with a variety of exciting class formats ranging throughout the day from as early as 5:15 am to 6:30 pm. Before joining a class, please refer to our class descriptions to familiarize yourself with what to expect. The descriptions will help you to select the ideal workout for your abilities and interests. If you are a new participant, please introduce yourself to your instructor prior to class. She will answer any questions or concerns you might have, and will suggest modifications for the first-timer throughout the workout. Classes at WWC are special because the pumping energy, motivating music, and group experience help to make daily workouts not only manageable, but enjoyable. To most people, exercise isn't fun. If it isn't fun, you simply won't continue to do it, and who can blame you? That's why it's the job of our instructors to energize you during class, promising to make your experience at WWC the best part of your day, every day! We encourage you to work at your preferred level of intensity and impact. Please refer to our group exercise schedule for specifics on classes offered, class times, and class descriptions.

  • Team Training--When it comes to exercise, statistics have proven that working out in a small group has increased results and success in women. Not only is a small group more affordable, but it is far more fun and can offer a more intense workout because you have others to compete against! In Team Training, you experience the motivation of four to six other women who share similar goals, giving you the energy of the class to push you through workouts and exercises that you would never dream of accomplishing on your own. Gone is the additional pressure brought on when you are working solo with a trainer. It's all about fun--throw or lift medicine balls, shake ropes, hop, squat, pull up, push down--just keep moving! Team training makes you smile while getting pumped. You'll look forward to your next session because you will be training with a support team of members and friends with like needs.
Team Workout
  • Personal Training--For the individual who prefers working one on one, your trainer will take you through a repertoire of workouts that is tailored to address your individual goals using everyday activities such as bending, stretching, lifting, and reaching to strengthen and improve your fitness level. She will coach, motivate, and encourage you while tracking your progress!

  • Specialty Group Training Programs--Throughout the year, WWC offers specialty group exercise classes that run for a limited period of time and are open to both members and nonmembers alike. Classes fluctuate per season and include Boot Camp, Train Like a Triathlete, The Biggest Loser Challenge, Golden Girls for the 'mature' adult, running clinics, walking clinics, and more! For current specialty programs offered, contact us anytime year round!

  • Member In-House Charges--Tired of carrying valuables around? Open a Member in-house charge account for your fitness needs, whether charging your daily workout bottle of water, personal training or child care packages--it saves time, it's convenient, and there's no further need to carry cash!

  • Juice Bar--This is the place to meet your friends or to relax and revitalize. You'll find delicious Recovery Shakes and protein bars--either makes for a perfect meal replacement when on-the-go. Our cooler is stocked with water and your favorite cold drinks. Additionally, we have healthy snacks that are low in calories, but are tasty, filling, and replenishing.

    WWC Juice Bar

  • Weekly E-Newsletters--To receive our weekly electronic newsletters with the latest information on WWC programs, activities, and specials, simply sign up by providing us with your email address at the front desk, or by completing our newsletter form on this page!

  • Other--We know that you expect to find these miscellaneous features at a club, but we thought that we should confirm that, yes, we have: a locker room with lockers, showers, vanity, sauna, TV, hair dryers, lavatories and lounging area, sweat towels, shower towels, coat rack, relaxation area in the lobby, water bubbler, and more.