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Why Group Exercise?

Group workouts have been around for a while. Usually when you hear the word aerobics, the first thing that comes to mind for most is Jane Fonda in her unitards, headbands, and leggings. Don't those memories bring a smile to your face?

Group exercise has certainly changed over the years. At one point it had even evolved into complicated choreography and steps that a professional dancer had trouble following. Does this make you wonder why exercising in a group format stays popular?

The following example is the best scenario I can compare it to: Have you ever seen anyone finish a treadmill workout and be PUMPED? Can't you just hear her saying, "That was the best treadmill workout I have ever had", or, " WOW, I loved that workout today, I can't wait to do the treadmill again tomorrow, all by myself again, day after day.

Probably not, and that is because it truly is the pumping energy, motivating music, and group experience that can make daily workouts not only manageable, but enjoyable.



Zumba class in motion!

When I think of fitness, I recognize that working out to most people is not fun. If it is not fun, you simply will not continue doing it. You are tired and stiff and sore the next day. Why would you enjoy working out when it makes you feel that way?

Group exercise and group personal training (which is discussed in our group training section) takes the boredom out of exercise and brings the energy in. A great group exercise program should offer a large variety of classes, providing something fun for everyone.

If the group programs connect with you, you should be able to feel the hair on the back of your neck tickling. The energy you get from the music and other members makes your blood pump and your pulse race. You simply can not wait until you come back again. Mission accomplished!