Group Exercise Schedule

Group Exercise Schedule

Welcome to The Woman's Workout Company group exercise schedule. Before joining a class, please refer to the class descriptions below. They will help you to select the ideal workout for your abilities and interests! If you are a new participant, please introduce yourself to your instructor. She will answer any questions or concerns you might have, and will suggest modifications for the first-timer throughout the workout. Classes at WWC are special because the pumping energy, motivating music, and group experience help to make daily workouts not only manageable, but enjoyable. That is why it is the job of our instructors to energize you during class, promising to make your experience at WWC the best part of your day, every day! We encourage you to work at your preferred level of intensity and impact. See you in class!

WWC reserves the right to cancel or change group classes without notice.

Hours of Operation: Sun. 8 am-1 pm; Mon.-Fri. 5 am- 8pm; Sat. 7 am- 3pm.

























Woman's Workout Company Group Exercise Class Descriptions

All classes are 60 minutes (unless otherwise noted) - 5 minutes to get in and set up, 50 minute workout, 5 minutes to clean up and exit to ensure you get in, have a great workout and get on with your busy day, on time and feeling fabulous!

Athletic Step Chisel: This high intensity class with simple choreography will incorporate many tools including
steps, floor, weights, Bosu and more.

Cardio Chisel: Get an energizing workout and chisel (sculpt) your body with light weights.

Cardio Fusion: Combines all your favorites into one hour giving you a total body workout. Fun challenging drills, a
mix of Hi/Lo, Cardio Dance and Kickbox will condition your heart while intervals of strength training and core work
will benefit and shape your muscles.

Cardio Hip Hop: A dance-based cardio class designed to get you moving and sweat out your stress with fun hip
hop moves and songs. You’ll use dance to strengthen and sculpt your body all while having lots of fun. No dance
experience necessary!

Core On Command: Back by popular demand! Join us for this class that focuses on strengthening and tightening
your mid-section which helps posture, ease back pain and burn fat.

Hatha Yoga: Enhance balance, awareness and flexibility while improving posture, range of motion and
functionality. Work your mind, body and spirit!

Pi-Yo: Strengthen and lengthen the core while creating a longer, more esthetically pleasing look through a
combination of Pilates and yoga moves designed to improve balance and coordination

Yoga: A fitness-based athletic yoga class that cleanses and detoxifies through deep breathing while building
core strength and self confidence. You’ll stretch and sweat in this challenging class.

Rise & Shine: Designed for those who like to ease into their workouts first thing in the morning while still getting a
balanced class with motivating music and simple dance (Mambo, ChaCha, Grapevines, Twists, etc). Great for all!

Road Racers Express: Everything you love about Road Racers in 30 minutes!

Road Racers: An indoor biking class that cycles you through a self-paced workout modified to your own speed
and resistance levels.

Step Strength: High energy step class with additional weight body sculpting.

Strong Women: A sensational class that alternates between free weights, body bar, tubing, bands, barbells, the
stability ball and more to provide an exciting variety of strength training moves  

The Step: Medium to high intensity cardio workout with intermediate step aerobics choreography. Knowing basic
names used for Step routines helps but all levels are always welcome.

Turbo Kick: A combination of intense kickboxing and dance moves choreographed to blend intense intervals of
strength and endurance training

Vinyasa Yoga: A flowing yoga that enhances balance, awareness and flexibility while improving posture,
range of motion and functionality. Work your mind, body and spirit!

Zumba: A blast of dance-oriented workouts combining Latin and International music. Simple to follow aerobic
and interval routines use fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body