Group Exercise Schedule

Group Exercise Schedule

Welcome to The Woman's Workout Company group exercise schedule. Before joining a class, please refer to the class descriptions below. They will help you to select the ideal workout for your abilities and interests! If you are a new participant, please introduce yourself to your instructor. She will answer any questions or concerns you might have, and will suggest modifications for the first-timer throughout the workout. Classes at WWC are special because the pumping energy, motivating music, and group experience help to make daily workouts not only manageable, but enjoyable. That is why it is the job of our instructors to energize you during class, promising to make your experience at WWC the best part of your day, every day! We encourage you to work at your preferred level of intensity and impact. See you in class!

WWC reserves the right to cancel or change group classes without notice.



Hours of Operation: Sun. 8 am-3 pm; Mon.-Thurs. 5 am-9 pm; Fri. 5 am-8 pm; Sat. 7 am-6 pm.

























Woman's Workout Company Group Exercise Class Descriptions

Armed and Toned: Strengthens and tightens the core and upper body.
Bikini Bootcamp: Specifically designed to work each muscle group by using a combination of equipment and boot camp drills that improve strength, endurance and "burn baby burn!”
Cardio Sport: A blend of sport, balance and agility moves together with rocking music and a great tempo.
Fitness Fusion: This challenging class emphasizes total body conditioning by combining cardio and strength through a variety of tools such as bands, weights, steps and more. A fantastic workout!
Hatha Yoga: A strain-free workout that enhances balance, awareness and flexibility while improving posture, range of motion and functionality. Work your mind, body and spirit!
Pi-Yo: Strengthen and lengthen the core while creating a longer, more esthetically pleasing look through a combination of Pilates and yoga moves designed to improve balance and coordination.
Power Sculpt: Get lean and strong in this fast paced, high energy class designed to sculpt your entire body.
Power Yoga: A fitness-based athletic yoga class that cleanses and detoxifies through deep breathing while building core strength and self confidence. You’ll stretch and sweat in this challenging class.
Power Up: A choreographed weight-training routine set to upbeat music that uses adjustable barbells, plates and free weights to strengthen muscles and improve range of motion.
Restorative Yoga: Bring a pillow and blanket while using props to support the body so you can hold poses longer, opening your body through passive stretching.
Rise & Shine: Designed for those who like to ease into their workouts first thing in the morning while still getting a balanced class with motivating music and simple choreography. Great for all!
Road Racers: An indoor biking class that cycles you through a self-paced workout modified to your own speed and resistance levels.
Step Fusion: This Step class is "fused” with super hot step combinations that alternate between sets of weights to get the best of both worlds.
Step Lightly: Ease your way into the world of Step with moves that are easy to follow.
Strong Women: A sensational class that alternates between free weights, body bar, tubing, bands, barbells, the stability ball and more to provide an exciting variety of strength training moves.
Training Wheels: Learn how to set up your bike and the flow of the class before hand and enjoy your ride!
Triple Threat: An invigorating mix of step, strength and aerobic movements.
Turbo Kick: A combination of intense kickboxing and dance moves choreographed to blend intense intervals of strength and endurance training.
Vinyasa Yoga: A strain-free workout that enhances balance, awareness and flexibility while improving posture, range of motion and functionality. Work your mind, body and spirit!
Zumba: A blast of dance-oriented workouts combining Latin and International music. Simple to follow aerobic and interval routines use fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body.
Zumba Gold: A lighter version of Zumba for the mature dance or beginner.
Zumba Mix: 20 min. of Zumba Toning, 20 min. of regular Zumba and 20 min. of Zumba Glutes.
Zumba Step: This class incorporates a gravity-defying blend of Zumba while you reap sculpting benefits from the step, which is utilized as an exercise tool for an intense lower-body workout. This new program encourages you to use more energy to lift your body weight against the step, while keeping the beat to the easy dance moves.