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Our membership was designed with the understanding that the only way to make changes is to move. We have been in operation for over 30 years, and it has been very frustrating to watch the obesity and overweight statistics in our country continue to rise. 

The Woman's Workout Company has always been committed to women and their fitness needs. As a matter of fact, we were the first and only upscale fitness center for women on the Cape, and have continued to be so since 1986. We are 100% committed to helping women make positive lifestyle changes.

Many clubs offer a variety of gimmicks and discounts to attract customers. All come from the old school gym mentality and are distasteful business practices. Possibly it is these old, outdated tactics that are responsible for making people skeptical about joining gyms.

Whatever the reason, it is a concern that The Woman's Workout Company is ready to address!

There have been many different studies on what motivates people to exercise. Some include vacations, bathing suit weather, health, or a special event like a wedding or reunion. We all have different trigger affects that drive us to the gym. Many of us have tried to work out from home, but failed.

One of the biggest motivators for people to do anything is a monetary reward. Who wouldn't be motivated by money?
Studies completed by The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) show that those who exercise 7-8 times a month lose weight, feel better, and make lifestyle changes that put them into the healthiest demographic of our population.

This knowledge, coupled with our desire to make an impact in the arena of health and weight loss for Cape Cod women, have helped us to develop a membership program that rewards all of our members who commit to fitness. Here it is:


Simply commit to 8 workouts per month and save $15 per month on membership that suits you:

BASic - $19/mth includes unlimited gym access and use of equipment

CLASSic - $39/mth includes unlimited group ex classes, gym access and use of equipment

We are the only club in the country to offer this type of membership, and it is a strong testimony to our sincerity in wanting to help you achieve results and change your lifestyle, for good!  We know we can lead you to your health and fitness goals by supporting and encouraging you. That's why we offer this unique membership. It's all about you and your success.

In addition to this unique membership structure, we want you to enjoy continued success every month. That's why, beyond the 8 workout commitment per month, we provide an additional monetary opportunity for you to save money on a monthly basis!
The WWC Skinny Tax Refund
One of the most important lessons I have learned since taking the club back in 2009 is that women don't want to waste a minute of their time nor a cent of their hard-earned money. We would be the first to admit that most health club memberships, no matter what price they are offering from week to week, are a waste of your money, and I can't imagine paying for a service where the seller takes your money each month and then hopes that you never use your membership.
WWC follows a different approach to business. Here, we not only want you to come to the club, but we provide you with a financial incentive each month to come work out at least eight times per month. We can't be successful with our business if you are not successful in your fitness journey, and the only way for that to happen is for you to get into the club enough times per month to make changes!
If you truly want to change your life by getting into better shape, you need to consistently move each and every week. The magic number for most women is eight times a month, and we consider perfect attendance 12 times per month. This number eight is the number that represents the consistency you need to reach your fitness goals and then maintain them over time. Research shows that any woman working out less than eight times per month is more likely to stop completely and lose all the hard work she has accomplished up to that point.
The magic number is: 8
What makes The Woman's Workout Company the most unique fitness facility in town is that if you do work out more, you will pay less. For many women at the club, this is the incentive, or kick in the butt, that they need each month to get into the club consistently.
We understand that maintaining a fitness plan is difficult, and life presents a thousand other things every day that interfere with getting your workout in. But, if you think about it, shouldn't you do anything you can to find at least eight hours a month that is all about you, your life and your goal to get into the best shape of your life?
Remember, when it comes to joining a club, it is how often you go that determines the value of a membership. We not only want you as a member, we want you to get into the club as much as you can each and every month, and we will pay you to get the job done. Fitness is about the results you achieve and then can maintain, and we want to be part of your life at least two times per week.
Our annual membership monthly fee is $54.00 per month. This gives you full club benefits and unlimited club usage. The financial reward comes in when you fulfill the minimum eight workouts each month. When you hit that number, your monthly membership fee is only $39.00 for the month.
For those with perfect attendance, that means 12 or more workouts per month, you receive a $5.00 "skinny” tax refund. This refund can be used towards training or product purchases over $5.00 and can be combined with up to three refunds.
(Please note: You must use the tax refund within 90 days and it can not be used on sale items or used by someone other than yourself.)
The perfect number is: 12
So, work out, get in shape, be healthy--and we will pay you for your success.
Thank you for being a member and for your commitment!
Call us today to schedule an appointment for your trial membership, or with any questions you might have. We look forward to meeting you and serving you as a member.
It is our mission to be the best part of your day, EVERY day!