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Personal Training

All levels of fitness can benefit from personal training. Women are encouraged to set individual goals and to overcome fitness plateaus when they experience them. Personal training is designed for both the novice exerciser new to fitness and for the exerciser who is experiencing a plateau and wants new ideas.

A trainer will teach you about the fundamentals of exercise, form, and technique, which in turn will boost your confidence, preparing you to move into the group personal training experience where you will achieve future fitness goals!

Personal Training can help you to:
  • Learn fitness fundamentals
  • Assess fitness levels
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Gain confidence

If you observe personal training done the old way, you will see the trainer moving from one piece of selectorized equipment to the next. The client is sitting for most of the workout, while the trainer counts and holds a clip board.

How can this get you into shape? It can't. Do not get caught into believing these dated training methods are going to benefit you in any way.

Personal training with the right trainer is about movement. It's about exploring functional 'toys' during your workout. It's about accomplishing the most efficient workout available during your training session.

You don't need someone to count all your sets and repetitions for you, we assume you can count for yourself! Your personal training sessions should include movement that is both fun and designed just for you!

Feel free to schedule a complimentary assessment to meet with a trainer and let us help you to determine a training format that will work best for you. Call or stop at the front desk anytime.