Playroom Guidelines
Playroom Guidelines

Women and children go hand in hand, and The Woman's Workout Company knows how important it is for women with young children to have quality child care available while they exercise. To help ease this deterrent, WWC is one of the few clubs left on Cape Cod that still offers child care.

Members who plan on using our playroom services should familiarize themselves with our guidelines listed below:
  • For the safety and health of playroom participants, sick children are not permitted in the playroom.
  • Upon checking in at the front desk, parents confirm playroom registration for their child(ren) daily and present payment for services at that time.
  • Children are not allowed to leave the playroom unless accompanied by a parent or designee.
  • If your child leaves the playroom and facility with someone other than yourself, the individual must provide identification, and you must notify the attendant of the arrangement prior to your child’s departure.
  • Spill-proof drinks and dry snacks are permitted in designated areas.
  • Children's belongings, such as clothing, bottles, food containers, toys, pacifiers, and personal items, should be labeled.  WWC is not responsible for lost or broken articles.
  • Glass products, candy, and gum are not allowed in the playroom.
  • For your child’s convenience, a changing station with sanitized diaper pail is located in the lavatory in the lobby.
  • Playroom staff cannot leave children alone, and are not responsible for toileting your child or changing diapers, soiled pants, etc.
  • Full attire (shirts, pants, dresses, shoes) is required at all times. Children should be dressed for outside play in the play yard year-round.
  • Children are encouraged to respect the property of others.  Disruptive children will be asked to leave.
  • The playroom is closed and locked during off-hours.