"14 Pounds down and 2 dress sizes. The Womanís Workout Company has transformed me into a stronger person mentally and physically."
- Andrea Foster
"Womanís Workout Company has been the best gym I have belonged to. With the support of the staff I have reached my weight goal and continue to gain strength and add lean muscle. I look forward to my workouts and the staff and members make me feel like this is where I belong."
- Christine Fulcher
"There are so many classes to choose from here at WWC. The instructors are very knowledgeable and the routines change every week so I never get bored. Boxing is my favorite!"
- Colleen Sroczenski
"The instructors are excellent and attentive to your level of fitness yet still push you enough to get to that next level. They have a super convenient schedule that accommodates any work schedule. They always seem happy to see you even at 5 in the morning."
- Dena Richardson
"The Women's Workout Company changed my life! I was the person who had every excuse in the world not to exercise, until 11 months ago when I walked through the doors of The Woman's Workout Company. Everyone at the gym made me feel comfortable and encouraged me to take the next step in my journey to health and fitness.

The trainers are wonderful and very knowledgeable. It does not matter what your size is or your ability to move, they will work with you to move more, breath better and be the best that you can be. I'm amazed at what I can now do, how much better I feel and my ability to keep up with the younger crowd. I encourage everyone to take that walk through the doors of the gym and try it. You won't regret your decision."

- Justine Willis
"The Womanís Workout Company is the best part of my day. It is a great place to make friends and I always leave feeling happy and energized."
- Mary Ellen Silva
"Last Winter I decided that I needed to increase strength and build muscle. I had never been to a gym before but made a commitment to myself. I signed up for their Team Training class and I have transformed myself. Iíve put on lean muscle and gotten so much stronger. All the while they have been so encouraging and supportive."
- Mary White
"The Womanís Workout Company has helped me realize my potential. Iím stronger, faster and fitter than I ever imagined I could be."
- Megan Ham
"Iíve been coming here for a month now and I love it! Itís different than any other gym Iíve been to. Itís challenging but fun and has a great staff as well."
- Meghan Nickulas
"My life has changed. 45 pounds of weight loss and many many inches along the way. The support and encouragement of my coach has been priceless."
- Pat Hurley
"In one month I have gone down 2 pants sizes and canít believe how much more energy I have."
- Rochelle Marney
"Awesome Training, individual attention, and amazing customer service. I have never been in better shape."
- Tanya Stump
"The Womanís Workout Company truly helped change my perspective on what working out could be. Not only are they overwhelmingly supportive, but they have created a community around helping women feel beautiful about themselves at every point in their fitness journey. Strong is beautiful!"
- Tracy Mccarthy
"In August 2011 I found myself with a WWC coach and feeling humbled, newly engaged, and lost in a world of unattainable fitness and health goals. Through unconditional encouragement, support, and consistent challenge I found myself walking toward my (almost) husband as a healthy and confident bride. "Leave it all at the gymĒ
- Briana Silvio
"March of 2011 I signed on as a member of The Womanís Workout Company. There hasnít been a day where I havenít looked forward to being amongst such wonderful women wanting the same thing that I do. My coach has transformed my thinking in a way that I feel like I can challenge myself in a safe environment with positive results. Thank you to everyone for giving me the encouragement that I needed."
- Cindy Dacy
"Never before have I been so excited about my fitness. Womanís Workout Company has made me excited to get stronger and be fit. My whole body has changed. I look forward to every day here."
- Jillian Webby
"WWC is what I did different this time. Iíve completely changed my life, fitness, and habits with the support of the coaches here. I love it."
- Katrina Vidal
"I have been a member of several gyms; however The Womanís Workout Company is the one I consider to top the list. Since being a member I have strived and achieved goals I never thought possible. Whether its boxing or classes in the studio there are endless opportunities to achieve the goals your are looking for. The staff at WWC make working out fun and challenging every time you enter the gym. Whether its saying five more or awesome job. They're always there to help and encourage you along the way!"
- Lindsay Totten
"When I joined The Womanís Workout Company in my early 60ís I looked like a gnome; hunched over and feeble. I had no muscle strength or balance whatsoever. Now I am a pixie upright, strong, balanced, energetic and full of mischief. This gym is and always will be my source of health and well being. I love it."
- Lucy Welsh
"The Womanís Workout Company has made me a stronger healthier 62 year old. My husband and I love to be active; we go skiing, hiking, boating, etc. These and even everyday activities are so much easier now. A big thank you to all the talented trainers and awesome women at WWC."
- Mary Simonetti
"The Womanís Workout Company has been a great influence on my goals to become healthier. The bonus is the great friends I have made along the way. Working out as part of a team makes it much easier to keep going."
- Michelle Atchenson
"There is nothing more self-fulfilling and gratifying than being strong, conquering fitness goals, and exceeding oneís own athletic expectations. WWC supports and empowers women of all fitness levels to succeed and excel. With the help of amazing trainers and camaraderie from the members my ongoing fitness journey will continue to be my favorite life challenge."
- Rebecca Menard
"I have been a member here for many years. The training philosophy here has transformed me. The training programs and trainers have made all the difference. They mix things up and set the bar higher and higher. I have found a new me!"
- Sue Hoover

APRIL 2012

"It has been two years since I moved to Cape Cod. During my first month, my sister introduced me to The Woman's Workout Company. I'm so glad she did.  After taking a few free classes, I joined as a member in January, 2010--A Christmas present to myself. I floundered for a while taking the easiest classes because of some shoulder and knee injuries that I was scared to death of aggravating. When renewal time came around, I almost dropped out. I felt better, yes. I had a lost about 10 pounds during the year, yes. But I still had the shoulder and knee issues and I had gotten into a rut with just taking yoga and doing the treadmill as if I was going for a walk.

That is when I met with my personal trainer and began some one on one training with her as well as doing two to three days a week in the Group Personal Exercise programs. WOW, what a difference! My trainer helped me to identify the muscles that needed to be strengthened in order to repair my past injuries. We worked on the correct way to breath and do the various exercises to get maximum results. The high intensity of the group personal training left me feeling invigorated and wanting to move more. I loved the 1/2 hour instead of 1 hour workouts. I rented a dotfit armband from the club and learned quite a lot about my personal ability to burn calories. My trainer helped me understand that my relationship with food had to change a bit. She said (more than once) "You cannot exercise your way out of bad eating habits! It is all about burning more calories than you consume." I still hate knowing that.

Renewal time is coming around again and I won't hesitate to sign on for another year. Sometimes I feel like I work out in order to eat those extra calories that I don't really need. You know the ones---that extra glass of wine or the decadent appetizers or the not so small slice of cake or the ‚€¶‚€¶.  But it is more than that. Much More! I work out because it makes me feel great. To watch my butt and thighs shrinking so that I can get into (and look good) in pants that I haven't worn in wears, is uplifting. (and who doesn't need a bit of "uplifting" now and then?). I have more energy, my attitude is good, I don't let the little things get me down, and all is well in my world.

I've done exercise programs in the past in Connecticut where I moved from, but The Woman's Workout Company is different. Here, I feel like I've JOINED. The members are friendly, the staff is helpful and cheerful, the equipment is always improving, the classes always changing just enough to keep us going towards our goals. I'm grateful that Kathy took me aside one year ago and encouraged me to do a few sessions of personal training with my trainer to get my goals identified and met. I'm grateful to be able to think of myself as healthy, fit, and energetic."

--Linda Colgan


"I can't thank you enough for helping me get back on track with your "Biggest Loser Contest" I still can't believe I won 2nd place with the most inches lost. SIXTEEN INCHES! I kept feeling frustrated because the weight wasn't coming off, but then noticed my clothes were fitting much better. Your staff, especially Helen, was very encouraging and took time with me so I didn't get discouraged. I know I still have a long way to go but now feel like I will be able to accomplish my goals and get fit again. Thank you all for being so inspiring and helpful."
--Sandra Seeley


"Yoga is invigorating and rejuvenating.  It stretches and strengthens my muscles.  The breathing technique helps restore stress and leaves my mind refreshed".
--Linda P.


"I'm back at the gym after many years and decided I needed a trainer to get me on the right road. I love working with my personal trainer - she has that special blend of pushing me gently to do the best I can while constantly reinforcing me that I can do it and challenging me take that next step. I have a significant balance issue while also dealing with a knee replacement. My trainer has addressed these two issues and I am actually excited to get to the gym for our hour sessions twice a week. I continue to see improvement in my strength and balance which has been great for me"

 JULY 2011

"In 12 weeks I lost 33lbs.  I came 6 days a week, sometimes 2x a day.  I couldn't have done it with out my personal trainer and, my new obsession Zumba and kickboxing.  At First I was really discouraged and intimidated to do group.  Now I look forward to group every week.  I am super encouraged, psyched and I have achieved a whole new fitness level."
--Angelica Pyott

I drive all the way from Brewster..fighting traffic.  I knew I would always be greeted with a smile and positive reinforcing lovely staff.  The staff is so professional, "I love the girls."  I have a wonderful relationship with my trainer.  In spite of fighting traffic I have seen phenomenal results.  My zippers slide...so important!!!  Over all I feel healthy and clear minded. "When I leave the gym I feel like I can conquer the world".
--Ellen Wendell

"Boxing is my favorite class.  I love that there are a variety of classes throughout the day.  I feel great while and after I work out.  I've noticed more muscle tone in my arms and love meeting nice people."
--Colleen S.

"I have been overweight.  I am 22 years old and I am now taking control of my life.  I came to the decision just about a month ago with my friend Ashley that we were going to join the gym and commit to working out and eating better.  Once I started a the Woman's Workout Company I had a chance to have a tour of a the equipment.  This is when I met my personal trainer who introduced me to personal training. I learned a lot about myself in such little time.  I meet with my personal trainer once a week.  We workout together and we go over my eating journal.  I just recently was weighed and I have lost 12 pounds!  That was a very happy and exciting moment for me.  I realized that I can do it and it has just motivated me even more to continue on the path. My journey has just begun and now I know that my whole life is going to change for the better.  I have gone through a lot in my life at such a young age.  I am determined, motivated and thankful for everyone who has supported me in my new lifestyle."

--Maggie Domurat

"I just have to say a big THANK YOU to WWC. Was swapping out my warm weather clothes today for fall/winter and found a box of clothes that hadn't fit for ten years. And yes, I kept them because they're timeless outfits and I just knew I'd get back into them one day. Well, after nine months with WWC they all fit, some are even too BIG! You're not only your motto -- the best part of my day - you're one of the best parts of MY LIFE. And a major shout out to all the instructors, you guys keep me motivated and wanting to come back. Thank you from the bottom of my (much healthier) heart."
--Deb Z

"I have been a member of Woman's Workout Company for about 16 years.  During that time I have taken classes in yoga and pilates and loved them all.  I am now being personal trained by one of their trainers and it is wonderful.  I am working on strengthening my legs, arms and balance.  I am trying things I never thought I could do and when I am finished I am exhausted but happy with what I have accomplished.  I would recommend it to anyone young or...not so young!"
--Mary Lemay

"As the Woman's Workout Company's Biggest Loser Contest underway, I can't believe that it's almost a year since that's how it started for me....Being 46 and never stepped foot in a gym, a group of us decided to join the contest last February.  Since then, I've lost 76 pounds, who knows how many inches and had my blood pressure medicine cut in half!  Not to mention all the unbelievable people I've met, friends that I've made and the overwhelming support and caring of everyone who works there.  I'm almost at my goal of losing 100 pounds and I couldn't have done it without all of you.  You all have truly become "the most important part of my day." 
--Kate Paron