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More Tips for the New Year
Last week we blogged about setting measurable, attainable goals. Adhering to this principle will certainly yield results. However a definitive plan in the gym needs to be supported by a healthy lifestyle at home. So our number 2 way to ensure results in 2012 is…

2: Eat for Success
"You can’t out train a bad diet” My clients hear these words from me every single day. Too often the gym is being used to justify poor eating habits. Your nutrition is the tip of the spear ladies. The gym is support. Setting measurable attainable goals applies to your nutrition as well. Attainable, being the operative word. Trying the latest fad diet which leaves you feeling tired and hungry is a recipe for failure. Instead, gradual lasting changes should be made. We’re in it for the long haul ladies. We don’t want to go on a crash diet for a month only to create the illusion of success. We want to gradually create a new culture for ourselves. One that we want to sustain for the rest of our lives.

For me, eating is one of the most enjoyable aspects of life. No diet should ever make you feel otherwise. Food, like the gym should enhance your life, not feel like a chore. While we want to establish and stick to good eating habits, we don’t want to be so regimented that a slip up overwhelms us with guilt. Life is fluid. Start slowly. First identify certain red flag aspects of your diet. Are you eating a lot of fast or processed foods? Americans spend nearly half their food dollars on food prepared away from home, but that only accounts for about 21% of the meals they eat. So not only can you trim the waist line by preparing your own healthy alternatives you can also save money by eliminating this part of your diet. Do you find yourself snacking a lot between meals? Make sure that you’re not eating the processed foods that generally dominate the snack aisle. Instead shoot for some quick or pre prepared snacks to sustain you between meals. Options include but are not limited to the list below.

 Grab-and-go snacks
    •    fruit - grapes, blueberries, applies, bananas
    •    mixed nuts
    •    snack/protein bars
    •    whole grain crackers

Snacks that require a bit of preparation
    •    vegetables with hummus
    •    yogurt with fruit and granola
    •    1/2 cup cereal with milk
    •    peanut butter and carrots or celery
    •    smoothie
    •    roasted garbanzo beans

We want our eating to fuel our workouts and enhance our lives in the short as well as long term. Let’s make one change today that we can build on throughout the year and start creating a new culture of healthy eating. Eat for success ladies.

Woman’s Workout Company Trainer
Matthew Waddell

Cindy Dacey 2 years ago
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Thank you for the tips Matt. keep them coming. Cindy
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New Year's Resolutions
Here we are again in January. For many of us the new year represents a fresh start. A way to purge the body and mind of mistakes made in years past and form new more productive patterns in our lives. While a noble goal, a mere change in calendar year is rarely enough for any of us to facilitate real change. Your fitness goals at The Womans Workout Company vary wildly. They range from losing that holiday weight, to improving athletic performance, all the way to full body transformations.  Though your goals may be different in scope the same habits will apply to achieving success. Over the next five weeks we will be posting our top five ways to make all your New Year’s fitness goals a reality.

1: Have clear definable goals.
As an athlete I’ve always been able to quantify my goals. Be it shaving a millisecond off a sprint time or adding weight to a lift. I find that when I have measurable fitness related goals my body changes to accommodate them. This not only applies to athletes but the average gym goer as well. There is far too much emphasis put on the scale in our fitness culture.  Having measurable performance related goals coupled with a clean diet will both keep you motivated and keep the focus off the scale. The numbers on a scale are rarely indicative of overall fitness and can cause confusion when body dimensions are changing but numbers aren’t. Rather than say I want to lose 20 pounds this year a better goal may be I want to do 10 pull ups by years end. A clean diet and training specifically for that goal will force your body to adapt. 

Vague fitness goals that focus on the result without the means are hard to achieve. Make your goals measurable, realistic and attainable. Treating fitness like an unending ladder and climbing it a rung at a time is the key to making lasting sustainable change. Everyone will start at a different rung and the goals will constantly evolve. The key is to keep climbing. Eventually hitting these various milestones will drive you to a whole new level of fitness and inspire you outside of the gym as well. Maybe you have never done 10 pushups and at this stage it seems impossible. Maybe you have seen women in the gym doing pull ups and think you never could. Conquering these measurable goals will not only have a profound effect on your health and fitness but can propel you to conquer obstacles in life as well. Measure it and conquer it ladies.

Woman’s Workout Company Trainer
Matthew Waddell

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Happy holidays to all of you,
Saying thank you and being gracious is a lost art, at least it seems that way this time of year on our beloved Cape Cod.

My husband and I were at the Commons doing some holiday shopping and we were overwhelmed by how miserable the shoppers appeared to be. Many were rude to each other, ill mannered to the clerks and overall unhappy to be there and obviously the sentiments of the season escaped them.

We sat and enjoyed a glass of wine and chatted about how things have seemed to change in recent years. Our final thoughts were that most of the people who were most miserable were the ones who were often the most blessed in their lives. We watched more than one snap at a young clerk, stalk out of the store and then drive away in their luxury car. What happened to us that we forgot how much we have and how much we have to be grateful for in our lives?

Here are my thoughts for the season and what this time of year should mean to all of us. I hope that many of these thoughts touch you as well:
  • I am safe, warm, prosperous and loved. People who I love in return surround me everyday of my life. Most of you enjoy the same things. How much better does it have to get before you realize how much you have?
  • The people who work at the front counters in the stores, and in any business, or usually overworked, underpaid and often supporting themselves with not much more than minimum wage. These people deserve our respect, not our anger, and while many of them are customer service challenged now and then they have jobs, show up, do the job and contribute to the world. Say thank you to these people and mean it.
  • There are people in our community, right here on the Cape and right now, that don’t have enough to eat, who are homeless and who are having a tough Christmas. Buy a few less presents and give to the organizations that help. These people are truly in trouble and they are not all scam artists trying to get a free meal or live off the system. These are people like you and I who but for the grace of God it might be us. Help and if the check didn’t hurt it isn’t enough.
  • Be grateful for what you have and say thank you. I am grateful for our members, your support over so many years and what you bring to my life. We have created a business where women can be safe, get real information about fitness and become most anything they want. Thank you, each and every one, for being part of my journey.
  • Don’t forget that everyone struggles. We get through life holding hands with our friends and there will never be a day that passes where someone falters. Friends pick you up, dust you off and get you moving again. Be a friend this Christmas and find that friend who most needs a hand.
It has been over 25 years since I started this gym. We have had thousands of women pass through over the years and we currently have almost 2000 here enjoying the benefits of a healthier life.

Perhaps the biggest gift I could give you is to remember this: fitness is motion and motion is life. Your life will be longer, lived at a higher level and more fulfilled if you seek fitness. Our goal always has been to help you live a life in motion filled with the energy and strength that only a person who is fit and healthy can understand.

As we age many of us see friends whose lives seem to shrink. They can no longer walk the beach, play with their kids or enjoy the quiet times with their significant others. A life restricted is a life that has neglected fitness. Move and your life is better for so many more years. As we age, our lives should expand and we should seek more adventures and more journeys as mature adults who can now understand the value of life.

Happy holidays my friends. Be grateful this year. Be gracious to others. Find time to move a little everyday. Give until it hurts and by all means love those around you.


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Every Little Bit Counts: The Path to Health and Fitness
Losing weight and staying healthy is not just about exercise. That’s right! Your food choices, physical activity, and environment all have an effect on your health. Finding a balance and creating a mental map of how to achieve your health and fitness goals is important. For long-term results, you need a long-term vision. Crash diets or roller-coaster attempts at losing weight are self-defeating. A long-term health and fitness journey begins by taking it meal by meal, step by step, as well as by including a supportive environment. Every little bit counts! So, one bad meal or one bad workout day is OK! Getting stressed or down on yourself will only affect your balance and take you off your path.

Day by day, there are many simple ways to find that balance and stay on your long-term path. Choosing physical activities that you enjoy makes this easy. Activity done in shorter intervals is the same as doing it all at once. For example, walking the dog three times a day for ten minutes is the same as walking the dog for thirty minutes once a day. If a busy lifestyle has been a barrier to your health and fitness goals, then planning physical activity in shorter intervals can be more appealing and less overwhelming than longer time commitments. Food choices can also be challenging. Try preparing your meals for the week. Grilling chicken or cutting up fruits and vegetables will help save time and allows you to make the right choices.

Did you know that cleaning the house for approximately 30 minutes burns approximately 95 calories? Driving less and walking more can burn an extra 150 calories a day. Walking to a mailbox and sending a letter instead of sending an email can burn an additional 150 calories. Try to wash your car instead of bringing it to the car wash. On the weekends, take your family or a group of friends to a park and walk. Find a friend who shares similar goals for more support and encouragement.

Finding a balance in your daily routine and staying on your health and fitness path can be easy if you take it day by day. Remember, every little bit really counts!!!

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Whats a legitimate excuse to skip the gym?

1. If you have a fever--even a mild one. Forget what you've heard about working out with a cold. If you have one, take your temperature. If the reading is above 98.6, stay home. A feverish workout can not only make you feel worse, it has also been associated with inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis). It's rare, but it's a risk.

2. If you have a bad, chesty cough or upset stomach. "If your symptoms are 'below the neck,'" says Mayo Clinic physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist Edward R. Laskowski, M.D., "such as chest congestion or tightness, hacking cough, or upset stomach, you should postpone your workout."

3. If you have a hangover. Now, this one may be controversial, but some health experts say that exercise after a night of partying is not a good thing. Here's why: If you drank too much, chances are good that your body is dehydrated, and dehydration + exercise is a no-no.

4. If you're working really late. While this is a much-debated topic, if you suffer from insomnia or sleep issues, some experts say it's best to give yourself a few hours of time between exercise and bedtime. Why? Some research, though preliminary, notes that women who exercise in the morning sleep better, indicating that the increase in stress hormones from exercise late at night may keep some people up--especially those who suffer from insomnia. So if your only opportunity for cardio is tonight at 10 p.m., hold off until you have more time tomorrow.

Sarah Jio, Glamour Health & Fitness

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Baked Apples with rum-carmel sauce
Prep Time:5 min
Start to Finish:15 min
Makes:2 servings

  • 2 small baking apples
  • 1 tablespoon water
  • 1/2 cup vanilla reduced-fat ice cream
  • 2 tablespoons caramel topping
  • 2 teaspoons rum or apple cider

Dash ground cinnamon

Cut thin slice off bottom and top of each apple. Using paring knife or apple corer, remove core from each apple.

In 8- or 9-inch square microwavable dish, place apples upright. Pour 1 tablespoon water over apples. Cover with microwavable plastic wrap, folding back one edge or corner 1/4 inch to vent steam. Microwave on High 8 to 10 minutes or until apples are tender.

Place apples in individual serving bowls; reserve 1 teaspoon cooking liquid. Cut each apple in half. For each serving, spoon 1/4 cup ice cream between apple halves. In small bowl, stir caramel topping, 1 teaspoon cooking liquid and the rum; pour over apples. Sprinkle with cinnamon.
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Chicken Scallopini
  • Four 4- to 6-ounce chicken scallopini
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 4 wedges lauging cow cheese wedges (any lite flaver)
  • 4 oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes, drained and halved
  • 8 fresh basil leaves
  • Whole wheat flour for dredging
  • 3 tablespoons plus 1 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
  • 1/3 cup chicken broth, homemade or low-sodium canned


1. Lay chicken out on a work surface, season all over with salt and pepper. Arrange 1 wedge cheese, 1 tomato, and 2 basil leaves over half each scallopini. Fold open ends over filling and secure each with a toothpick. Place wheat flour in shallow plate with a lip, and dredge chicken. Transfer to a wax paper-lined plate.

2. Heat 3 tablespoons oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add chicken and cook, turning once, until lightly browned and cooked through, about 5 minutes. Divide chicken among plates and discard oil.

3. Return skillet to high heat. Add vinegar, bring to a boil while scraping up any browned bits, and cook until syrupy. Add broth, bring to a boil, and cook until mixture reduces to a glaze. Remove skillet from heat and whisk in remaining 1 teaspoon oil. Pour glaze over chicken and serve.
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Breath Control
How often do you workout and forget the importance of breathing? By learning how to control you're breathing and understanding the respiratory system is integrated with your body, by using conscious breathing in all pursuits; you can improve nearly all aspects of your life.

When exercising, the body's demand for oxygen increases, meaning that our breathing volume or ventilation must also increase. What does this mean? It means that numerous muscles surrounding the lungs contract in a highly coordinated manner. As the exercise intensity increases the muscles must contract with more force and a more rapid manner. This allows the lungs to keep up with your body's substantial increase in metabolism.

The same way a strong heart can push out more blood with each pump, as a result leading to the heart not pumping as often.   A stronger diaphragm and intercostals (the little muscles in between your ribs) means you can slow your breathing rate down and even get more oxygen to your muscles.

By increasing the stamina and strength of your respiratory system your breathing becomes more efficient, requiring less energy for the motor muscles and whatever workout or activity you're involved in. Meaning you can take slower deeper breaths, getting more oxygen out of each breath.

There is also prove that shows when focusing on your breath you become intimately in touch with your mind, body and the emotions making you more present which improves performance.

The question is how do you improve your respiratory strength in order to improve your performance?Interval training. Interval training is short high intensity periods of work alternated with periods of rest. The simple equation is GO FAST, GO SLOW, REPEAT. Interval training can be for all levels and is great for everyone. When interval training you are utilizing both your anaerobic and aerobic systems which will lead to cardiovascular improvements and of course FAT LOSS. Not only will interval training train you to breath better it will stimulate your metabolism even hours after your workout!
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Asian style pot stickers
  • 1lb of ground chicken breast
  • 2 tbsp of fresh ginger
  • 1 tsp lemon grass (or lemon zest)
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 2 tbsp Low sodium soy sauce
  • ¾ cup water
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 2 tbsp scallions
  • 1 tbsp wasabi powder (less if you don't enjoy heat)
  • 1 tsp rice vinegar
  • 1 egg white
  • 1 tbsp of olive oil
  • 1 package wonton wrappers

-In a small sauce pan bring water lemon grass, and soy, 1 tbsp ginger and 1 garlic clove to a boil. Let reduce until desired consistency (@ 20 min). When cooled whisk in rice vinegar, wasabi paste. Strain and set a side.

-In food processor blend chicken with 1 egg white, olive oil, 1 clove of garlic, 1 tbsp ginger, lemon juice and 2 tbsp of scallions. Blend until mixed

-Wet edges of wonton wrappers, place ½ tsp chicken mixture in middle, seal

-Sear pot stickers on hot pan sprayed with olive oil until edges curl up on sides (caramel colored sear)

-After pot stickers are seared, steam for 3-5 minutes

-Serve with sauce Enjoy!!

Tip: Plan ahead and freeze. Follow cooking instructions up to steaming. Freeze stickers after seared and steam and serve when ready
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Lifestyle Change
Daily I educate members on how to lose weight. When setting your goals whats the first thing you say? Most often it will entail..”I want to lose weight”. Coming to the gym is the beginning. Changing habits is the hardest part of this journey. I like to call weight loss a journey because it's a journey of learning about yourself. Learning what makes you happy, sad, aggravated, frustrated, bored. Making lifestyle changes is the key to success. Its not about a miracle pill, a fasting liquid diet, or a ridiculous carb free lifestyle. Its about forming new habits.

The first step to making a lifestyle change is being honest with one self about what needs to change. Lets face it, I know I shouldn't enjoy 3 Guinness's every Saturday night. But I also know that's why my lovely spare tire won't part from body. I can't tell you how much day after day I hear "I am not losing”. Coming to the gym and getting sweaty and red in the face is just one part of the journey. Be real and honest with your self. Think about your lifestyle. Is it healthy? Are you getting enough sleep? Studies show females that don't get 8 hours of sleep a night eat up to 500 calories more the next day. Are you drinking enough water? Water is the easiest weight loss tool, 64oz a day will help. Are you using food as a coping mechanism? I like to use the abbreviation...FLAB

  • Frustrated
  • Lonely/Lazy
  • Aggravated
  • Bored

Why do we eat? Is it for one of the above reasons? Are you eating every 3-4 hours? Are you surrounding yourself in the community? Surround yourself with people whom are encouraging and live the lifestyle you strive to live. Educate yourself on living a healthy lifestyle. Follow us on Facebook and commit to reading the blogs once a week. Come to our monthly FREE clinics and enjoy the specialty programs offered. I am offering a class 3 steps to lose weight, 3 weeks $29 members / non members $39, starts 9/20 Tuesdays at 10:30. Learn how to shop, what to buy, and of course how to cook. It all starts in the kitchen!!! Get involved surround yourself in the community use the tools that we provide and most important be honest with yourself.

It takes 21 days to form a new habit. Be patient work hard and change those unhealthy habits.

Lisa Dube, Head trainer

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What can I keep in my office drawer for snacking?
One of the most common questions asked "What can I snack on at work in order to avoid the candy jar". Here is what I recommend. Keep your office drawers stocked with dry goods allowing you to always be prepared and able to avoid temptation.Remembering the key to success is planning and preparing!
  • 100 cal cup soups
  • 100 cal snack packs
  • Beef Jerky
  • Wasa light crackers (my favorite with light cream cheese)
  • Trader Joes rice crisp (30 per a serving)
  • Special K chips (27 per a serving)
  • Lentils
  • Tuna packets (high in Protein)
  • Kavilini Crispy bread
  • 4 Dill pickle spears
  • Laughing cow light cheese
  • Baby bell cheese
  • Chocolate covered edaname beans
  • Edname beans
  • soy nuts
  • 4oz extra lean turkey
  • 12 Almonds
  • Pirates Booty popcorn (Gluten Free)
  • Rice cakes (great with sugar free jam)
  • Greek yogurt (try dipping in an apple with cinnamon)
  • String Cheese
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Acai berry sorbet
  • Celery with P.B. & raisins
  • Trail mix (careful only 1/4 a cup)

I would love to hear what your favorite snacks are. Blog what helps you get though the day.
Lisa Dube, Head Trainer
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The Moment
When I workout I'm constantly in search of the moment. To me, the moment is the feeling of empowerment that I get when I persevere. Sometimes it's completing that last, seemingly impossible rep. Sometimes it's my determination willing me through a particularly grueling interval session. Sometimes it's merelyleaving life's obstacles at the gym door and giving my all to my workout.

Through exercise I've learned that we can transcend virtually any hardship in front of us. Our day to day lives rarely afford us the opportunity to attack anything with 100 percent physical effort. When I am in the gym giving it my all and I encounter a wall that appears too tall to scale, I summon that next gear and smash right through it. It's this moment of complete confidence in my ability to overcome that inspires me to approach my daily life in the same fashion.

You do yourself a great disservice just going through the motions at the gym. Why not give 100 percent of yourself to your workouts? Become addicted to progress. Seek out that moment when you feel powerful beyond measure. This mentality will not only lead you to better results in the gym but affect other areas of your life as well. Find your moment today.

Lisa Dube, Head Trainer at Woman's Workout Company
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How To Stay Motivated During The Summer
It's summer time and the traffic in the Club is dwindling away...I am confused.  We are finally in the 8wks of the summer when we can ware less clothing, so how is everyone losing motivation?

This is the best time to pump up your results and show off your success ladies! Being active outside may not always equate to the same amount of calories burned in the club.  Remember its all about perceived excertion.  If your face is not red, your not slightly out of breath and sweating...news flash your not working hard enough to burn fat (like in any one of our Group Classes) .  

It takes 21 days to form a new habit, positive or negative.  Don't let summer slow your results and be the 21 days that forms poor habits. So the question is... How do we stay motivated?

Firstly, ask yourself why you are exercising.
Set reachable short term goals. Make them simple, realistic, and achievable.
Make sure you enjoy what you are doing. If you don't love it you won't look forward to it. If you're sick of your routine get a new one or workout with a friend and try a trainer together! Semi private personal training is only $28 per person per hour! What a great way to learn something new and bond with your friends! Try something new like Boxing, kickboxing or Zumba.
Be sure that when your exercising you fight to get sweaty and a red face. This gives the endorphin releace. Endorphins empower you to feel better.
Plan out your days on a calendar or exercise journal (nutrition & exercise journals $15). Once you've achieved your goal of the day cross it off on your journal. Crossing it off gives you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction (positive energy is more endorphins!!).
Lastly, feeling fit and healthy is a lifestyle choice. If your not living the lifestyle you will not achieve or maintain your results.

Join The Womens Workout Company online:
Friend us on facebook for weekly workouts, Tuesday trivia for fun prizes, read the blog, come to the free clinics every month,GET involved and I promise you, you will see resluts!
Have a Happy HEALTHY summer, Lisa Dube Head Trainer
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Why is it important to change up your exercise routine?
There are many reasons why changing up your exercise routine will be beneficial to you. Making a few minor changes to each workout or trying something totally new and different can always be great! Changing or tweaking your workouts do not just benefit you physically, but also mentally. If you do the same routine every day, your muscles acclimate to the exercises.They end up not being beneficial to your body and the exercise is almost useless and effortless to you. You want your routine to be challenging.When your muscles get used to exercises... what is happening?  This is called muscle memory. Muscle memory can best be described as when a movement is repeated over time, a long-term muscle memory is created for that task, eventually allowing it to be performed without conscious effort. This is why adding or altering your routine is important to maintain a strong healthy body. Whether you change your routine for boredom, not getting results, your workouts are too exhausting, or not challenging...switch it up a little.

When you first begin a workout regime your always very motivated and excited about it, but after doing the same thing over a period of time it gets boring. If part of your exercise routine includes walking or running on the treadmill, try changing it up a little. For example, do some interval training, try sprinting for a minute and jogging for a minute instead of just jogging at one steady pace. If you are a walker try to  walk for a minute with no incline and then walk for a minute with an incline. You would be surprised how changing something so small will have such a huge impact. You may do spinning classes 3 days a week currently and they may have become easy for you, maybe it's time to try a yoga class or a boxing class. If you never do weight training add some weights to your routine. If you already do weight training increase your weight or you could decrease your weight and add more reps. Whatever it is that you do now, changing it will certainly be beneficial.
Jeff Wahtola, Fitness Professional

I am passionate about the lifestyle that I live. Feeling great is a lifestyle choice.  I feel that through eating right and taking care of your self you can achieve anything!!  Ninety percent of being healthy is eating right. Unfortunately society feels that this can only be done through "dieting”. Food can be healthy and still taste good. I look forward to the opportunity of sharing this with you.  Blog your favorite healthy recipees...Lisa, Head Trainer
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Healthy Summer Tips
  • Be prepared, Have produce doors full of ready to grab fruits and veggies-Have all individually wrapped  foods ready to go..such as string cheese and 100cal packs
  • Be a good guest and bring your own food when going to a cook out. Such as Turkey burgers, bison hotdogs or grilled veggies
  • Always have a water bottle in hand....not a cocktail
  • Avoid going to cookouts on an empty stomach, have a little protein prior to going
  • WORKOUT...workout before you go
  • Wear fitted clothes, the baggier the clothing the more room to fill the stomach

What gets you through the holiday weekend? Blog your tips & post pictures of what's in your fridge on Facebook.

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Why Every woman needs self defense: Lisa's personal story
Several years ago I was with friends leaving Boston after dinner, while driving home a car side swiped us. Completely naive to the situation my friends and I pulled over to exchange information. Upon pulling over a car pulled up in front of us, another behind us, and one parrellel to us. We were completely blocked in by three cars filled with angry ladies and gents ready for a fight. We were surrounded and getting attacked by every direction. This was the most helpless feeling that I've ever experienced. My friends were being attacked in the first lane of traffic on 93.

Studies show that 1 in 14 women have been assaulted or raped. Don't wait for this to happen. Be prepared for when it happens. I never thought it would happen to me. I could not ground my self enough to get a grip. I was shaking so bad I could not dial 911. Noticing two of the attackers rummaging threw the trunk of the car in front of us I assumed they were getting a gun (to much T.V.) I dove out of the car to warn my friends. They were not getting a gun they were getting a tire wrench. As I dove out of the car to warn them I was hit with it. Luckily someone whom was driving by called 911. As I was lying on the ground I could here the sirens coming and felt a huge breath of relief. The sirens were a sign of the nightmare coming to end. Next thing I know the cars peeled off.

The police knew the cars that had attacked us. They told us that victims were being targeted and watched all night. I ending up with only a few bumps but had lost a lot of my feelings of self worth and was very emotionally scared although my physical scars were a lot less than they could have been.

This happened on a Saturday. Monday I signed up for a self defense class. During the class at one point I cried. Realizing that as women we are sometimes targeted as "weak & easy victims”. Taking the class made me more confident aware and ready. I am passionate about educating women to be prepared and not to be naive.

The woman's workout company is offering a self defense class one night a week for four weeks. Starting August 1st. We will be having one on Mondays at 8:30am and 5:30pm. The class is $49 for members $79 for non members and $29 for students. How confident will you feel in a difficult or violent situation? Learn techniques and tips to protect yourself.
Lisa, Head Trainer

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Every Little Bit Counts: The Path to Health and Fitness
Losing weight and staying healthy is not just about exercise. That’s right! Your food choices, physical activity, and environment all have an effect on your health. Finding a balance and creating a mental map of how to achieve your health and fitness goals is important. For long-term results, you need a long-term vision. Crash diets or roller-coaster attempts at losing weight are self-defeating. A long-term health and fitness journey begins by taking it meal by meal, step by step, as well as by including a supportive environment. Every little bit counts! So, one bad meal or one bad workout day is OK! Getting stressed or down on yourself will only affect your balance and take you off your path.

Day by day, there are many simple ways to find that balance and stay on your long-term path. Choosing physical activities that you enjoy makes this easy. Activity done in shorter intervals is the same as doing it all at once. For example, walking the dog three times a day for ten minutes is the same as walking the dog for thirty minutes once a day. If a busy lifestyle has been a barrier to your health and fitness goals, then planning physical activity in shorter intervals can be more appealing and less overwhelming than longer time commitments. Food choices can also be challenging. Try preparing your meals for the week. Grilling chicken or cutting up fruits and vegetables will help save time and allows you to make the right choices.

Did you know that cleaning the house for approximately 30 minutes burns approximately 95 calories? Driving less and walking more can burn an extra 150 calories a day. Walking to a mailbox and sending a letter instead of sending an email can burn an additional 150 calories. Try to wash your car instead of bringing it to the car wash. On the weekends, take your family or a group of friends to a park and walk. Find a friend who shares similar goals for more support and encouragement.

Finding a balance in your daily routine and staying on your health and fitness path can be easy if you take it day by day. Remember, every little bit really counts!!!

Lisa, Head Trainer
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Why do I need a gym, can't I work out on my own?
Today Susan has asked me to write about something I am passionate about. I feel very lucky that I work in an industry that I love. I get to make a difference in people's lives every day.

Granted you are the one's who put in the hard work, but I get to be a part of your success. Thank you for allowing me to do this and call it work. For those of you who are already members of the Woman's Workout Company, I applaud you for your strength perseverance.

But why do we need Gyms at all???

Back in the old days surviving was a struggle, we had to hunt and gather food, build our own shelters and clean laundry, dishes, etc. with only the power of the human body. If you were living back then you would get ample exercise from going to the river many times a day to gather enough water to run your household. Baking your own bread would require planting and tending grains, harvesting, sorting, and grinding them, again by hand..no spice grinder in this kitchen! Then you would be gathering firewood to heat your oven not to mention mixing and kneading the dough. Carpets, if you were lucky enough to have them would be brushed by hand...I think at this point you get my drift. Today we have the luxury of assorted appliances that make our lives easier. Hot water is piped in for showers, grocery stores provide a plethora of food options, and as for laundry dishes and carpets...well, we have machines for that! This is not to say that we no longer work hard. With the majority of manual labor taken care of, we now earn our livings with our brains. We put long hours into crunching numbers, organizing files, and promoting our businesses. But we can accomplish most of what we need to get done from the comfort of a chair. With the advent of email, Twitter, Facebook and online advertizing it is even easier for us to spend and entire day at our desks. This is not good for our health!!! Get up Ladies we need to start moving!

So you can see there is an imbalance and can understand the importance of putting a little movement back into our lives, but why do you have to join a gym? Can't you just workout at home? No! You can't, here's why:

  1. The majority of us do not like to workout. It requires hard work and may involve sweating...ick! Most of us dislike being sore and try to avoid strenuous activity at all costs.
  2. You may not know how to workout. Many people tell me that their at home workout consists of taking a walk 3xs pr week. I will never tell you that taking a walk is a bad idea, but when it comes to getting in shape it just doesn't cut it. Walking does not get your heart rate up to where it needs to be in order to get you the full benefit of a cardiovascular workout. This leads me to my next point.
  3. Fitness is complex, even in the fitness industry our philosophy of how to move the body has evolved with addition of new information over the years. This is why if while you are sitting at your desk you google fitness tips, you will get a bunch of conflicting information. Some is useful, some is outdated, and some can be harmful to your health. If you have an injury or pre-existing health condition there are some workouts you just shouldn't do. It is a much better idea to rely on a fitness professional for advice on how to properly preform or modify an exercise so that you not only get the full benefit but also avoid injury.
  4. Procrastination and distraction. As noted above most of us do not like to work out and will find any excuse possible to put exercise off until tomorrow or never. However, I would like to point out that there are more distractions you can use as excuses at home than exist at the gym. Let's see...television, internet, work, kids, dinner, dogs, spouses, laundry etc. are all good distractions in the home. But if you have the guts to drive to the gym and walk through the door, there is nothing to do but workout. I also feel personally that there is an energy within a fitness center that you cannot recreate at home, but mainly it is the lack of distractions that will make you successful.
  5. Laziness, yup that's right. When you workout by yourself I can almost guarantee that you will not work as hard as you will in a group. We need someone to push us, otherwise we just go about our routine doing as little as possible and making the time pass. Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about. I've seen you on the treadmill reading a magazine and chatting with your neighbor...if you can hold a conversation or read a magazine, you are not working hard enough. Sorry, sometimes the truth hurts.
  6. Ok you can give yourself a pep talk but when it comes to motivation and accountability nothing beats meeting a trainer or friend at at the gym for a workout. First of all let's start with this basic concept, you have to show up- why? Because someone is waiting for you. Then you have got the support of someone encouraging you, giving you positive re-enforcement and not allowing you to give up.
  7. Speaking your goals out loud. If you join a gym and tell the person who signs you up that you want to lose 20lbs then you have made yourself accountable. This is key. Set reasonable goals for yourself and tell people. You will feel silly eating that doughnut if you just told everyone you know that you are making the commitment to get healthy.
  8. I know this sounds obvious but no one likes to waste money, sometimes joining a gym and paying every month is an incentive to use the club. Why pay for something you don't use right?
  9. The weather- you know, it's too cold, too icy, snowing, raining, hot, humid or just so beautiful that you have to have a beach day. But you can come to your climate controlled club and workout all year long.
  10. I know that there are going to be a few people who wake up each morning ready and excited to workout, who will prove me wrong and stay fit without any help or gym membership. Please disregard everything I have said, you are the exception to the rule and we all strive to be more like you. For the rest of you here's what I would say. I have worked in the fitness industry now for 9 years and have talked to a LOT of people. Many of them have tried to get in shape at home, some of whom even have fancy equipment in their homes, but ultimately they come to the gym because for whatever reason they are not successful on their own.

P.S. If it isn't somewhat fun or entertaining you are never going to do it. Gyms often provide classes, group training, or one on one training to make your workout more varied and enjoyable. Who knows you might even have fun...

Now I have been sitting at this computer screen for the last hour...it's time to get up and move!

Thanks for reading, Oriana
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And here it is: The Long Awaited Number One Thing You Might be Doing Wrong at the Gym is--
Not implementing the "Overload Principle"!

Here is the latest newsflash everyone, FITNESS IS NOT EASY, AND FITNESS WILL NOT COME FAST! Simply stated, this principle tells us that, in order to elicit change on our bodies, we must OVERLOAD or go beyond what we normally do.

In other words, GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! Without this type of overload, there IS NO CHANGE. Guess what? If you are doing sets of 10 with 15 repetition maximum you're not doing much so don't expect to see much in terms of gains.

Don't listen to the fitness guru that tells you to feel refreshed at the end of your workouts. You should be draggin' your butt in a wheelbarrow! When you have had a great workout, you are soaked and sore--and on your way to being fit. It might be the hard way, but it is the only way that works!
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No. 2 mistake: Isolation Exercises
Okay--pet peeve of the day is the person trying to lose weight but spends her time doing bicep curls or calf raises!

Guess what? There is not enough going on in your body when you perform either one of these exercises to make any impact on your weight loss or fitness level in any way (even if you are standing on a balance board and drinking a diet coke).

Why? It's simple--there is not enough variation in movement and the movement itself doesn't simulate how we really move in life. Compound lifts such as squats, presses, rows, lunges, etc., are the way to go, as they are far superior for not only burning calories and increasing fitness, but they are also better at getting you stronger!

These types of exercises are functional in nature, meaning that they allow our bodies and muscles to get stronger in the exact same fashion that they will have to work in real, everyday life! Train to get stronger for the way you really move!

How many times do you find yourself needing to lift two items of the exact same weight in a straight line in front of you in a controlled movement? Then why are you doing biceps curls until you are bored out of your mind? If I throw a 20 lb. medicine ball at you, and you twist behind from the waist and fire it back at me, would it make sense that you can now expect to be able to push your child on the swing longer, and maybe start the lawn mower on the same day without throwing your back out?

That's real training for real movement--function!
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No. 3 mistake: Not enough variation!
Boredom and staleness inevitably leads to burn out and non-compliance.

If you are not motivated by what's about to happen in your training session, CHANGE IT! Change your exercises from workout to workout, mix your cardio into your weights, change the order of your training, etc. All of these things will liven up even the most basic workout.

No matter how many spin classes you take a week, eventually your body adjusts, and the results from the workout lessen. With no results comes no motivation, boredom and quitting.

How can you "surprise" your body into a challenging workout? Mixing it up in the group personal training room is one way. Let's just say that the results you get in 45 minutes of tossing, pulling, pushing, twisting, throwing things at the wall and shaking a huge cable are going to give you better results than walking on the treadmill for 2 hours, day after day. There is something to be said for a gym that has huge tractor trailer tires in the parking lot and the members are hitting things with sledge hammers!

Boredom is not an option here and we don't even have little pink weights! I think we might have an edge here and you might just get in the best shape of your life!
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No. 4 mistake at the gym--Scared to use athletic exercises during training!
There's a reason athletes look the way they do--it's their training. Effective, functional training will give you great results in less time.

The basic fitness moves are still the same as all-time. Push up, pull up, squats. They can be used to improve strength and power and increase flexibility and balance. The problem is that most of us can't even do a single push up, never mind a set of burpees (squat thrusts)--think gym class, and insert grimace here!

For this reason, I highly recommend the TRX training in what we fondly refer to as the "back room"! When hanging from the wall using your entire body as resistence, you will achieve these moves and improve your overall fitness and strength.

The old way of training on the "machines" in a circle with your little card; yeah, not so effective anymore. We don't move in straight lines, so why on earth would we train to get stronger to move that way? NO, we need to get stronger for the way we really move in everyday life--lifting, pulling, pushing, twisting--putting the groceries in the car, lifting the toddler out of the car seat, and getting your luggage down from the overhead bin! That's called functional movement and why we train you like your life depends on it--it kinda does!
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No. 5: Too much down time during training.
Continuing the countdown to mistakes you might be making in the gym is "Too much down time during training".

This kind of goes with #6 in the sense that you have to really make the most of the time you have and work out hard! If you are at the gym, DO THE WORK! Increased pace leads to increased fitness, results, fat loss, strength, and energy! You don't need to be here for hours on end day after day (see blog #6) to make this work. Just work your butt off (literally) when you are here!

I have some news for you, "You aren't working as hard as you think you are". My best friend and the woman who signs my paycheck recently gave me the same advice: "You don't work as hard as you could at this"!

When you are working out are you saying to yourself , "One more I think I have one more in me?" And then pushing for that extra exertion? If you are like me, you aren't even close. I was working a little, protecting myself, afraid of getting injured or over exerting and, as a result, wasn't getting any better, stronger, thinner.

So push yourself to do more and make your time worthwhile. You can do more--you know you can!
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No. 6: Spending too much time at the gym
Counting down the top 10 things you might be doing wrong at the gym: Believe it or not, you could be spending too much of your time here!

In a world where more is better, it is hard to imagine that working out more wouldn't give you better and faster results, it doesn't--and here's why:

First of all, the number one reason that people give for not working out is TIME. After all, it is safe to say that we all have better things to do than spend our time in a gym, right? What happens is, as a new member, you might fall into the trap of all or nothing. If you set your goal at 5 or 6 days a week and you don't make it in one or two times, game over!

Think of it like this: if you couldn't clean your house one week because other things (life) got in the way, would you just decide not to clean it any more? Of course not! You would get in there when you could, knowing you had to clean harder and faster and just get it done!

Same thing holds true with getting into the gym guys!!! Get here when you can, and work harder to get it done when you are here. Be realistic and have a life!
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No. 8 Ridiculous diet practices
Here is one of my favorite gripes that I hear frequently as a health club manager, "I'm doing everything right, but I'm not losing weight."

Guess what? You aren't doing it right then and, most likely, you are missing the most important link--which is diet. It is estimated that the average "dieters" miscalulate their daily calorie deficit (difference between what you consume and calories burned) by 1,000 calories!

So, do diets work? No, they do not! The more ridiculous they sound, the worse they are. Point is, if you practice sound nutrition and eat whole, clean, food in correct portions, you will lose weight and keep it off. Here are some things to try: 1. Eat a variety of foods. 2. Don't eliminate entire food groups. 3. Eat 5-6 smaller meals a day. 4. Try to have protein, fats, and GOOD carbs at each meal. 5. Stay away from fad diets and diet pills. So, people, if you hear of the latest maple syrup, cayenne pepper and lemon juice fast, and it sounds too ridiculous to even be in print? It is!

If you really want to know for sure what your calorie deficit should be, and how much you are really consuming, try the dotFIT online nutrition program! It is free with many of our programs at the gym, and you will leave nothing to chance. It is amazing when you start keeping track what you are actually consuming! I know--I hid the corkscrew immediately!!!
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#8: Not Enough Patience with your Progress
Continuing with the top 10 things people do wrong at the gym, #8 is not having enough patience!

Many of you give up on training regimens only a few weeks after starting. Hold on, Ladies!!! A few weeks of training cannot be expected to negate years of inactivity and often abuse of your bodies. What many of you are neglecting to recognize is the fact that your body composition is changing and you are losing fat while gaining muscle.

This sometimes doesn't amount to a big change in the numbers on the scale. The fact is that while fat is fluffy and full of air and water, muscle is compact and firm. So with more muscle and less fat you will be smaller but maybe not hit the number you want on the scale. Think size, not numbers! If you could choose to have the body of your dreams but weigh the same number you do now, or to weigh 10 lbs. less than you do now but look exactly the same as you do today, which would you choose? Plus having more muscle is healthier, sexier, and it burns more calories so, have some patience and don't go nuts if you don't lose every week.

Even the poorest program can result in positive physical changes simply because of consistency and effort. Imagine the results you would get with an excellent training program? If you want faster results go find a trainer, a good one! There are a lot out there!
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#9 not enough resistance training!
Kaths' #9 in the countdown for things you might be doing wrong in the gym:


Many people "dabble" with weights during their workouts while relying on their cardio portion for the majority of their session. You know who I am talking about, right? How about the member who spends 45 minutes on the elliptical machine, then finishes with about 10 minutes on a variety of machines like the adductor or abductor (inner and outer thigh) or tricep machines? What about the "spinners" who only do upper body resistance since they "get plenty of lower body on the bike"? Ummm...no, guys! As an avid spinner I can confidently tell you that no one, not even the instructors, turn that little black knob enough to illicit any type of strength training adaptations. Hmm...sounds familiar and explains a lot about over training cardio queens who still don't have the body they want. Truth is that if you aren't working out with weights and or doing some sort of resistence training with the kettlebells, bands, medicine balls, ropes and other assorted challenges in the group pt room...you just aren't going to see the same results the rest of us are! See you on the beach!
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Kathy's top 10 things you might be doing wrong at the gym.
Counting down the top ten things people are doing wrong at the gym we begin with one of my all time favorites:

#10 is...

You cannot get in shape walking on the treadmill for hours (or even one hour) at the same pace. The whole idea of "fat burning zones" is a farce! This is also the reason that walking the dog is not going to get you in shape either. Steady state cardio simply doesn't work you hard enough. Rather, interval-style training is the way to go regardless of whether your goals are fat loss or improved fitness. My number one pet peeve of all time in the gym is the member "working" on the treadmill, elliptical, stairmaster while reading a book! Seriously....Here is a tip, If you can concentrate on words that are about 2 millimeters tall while doing your cardio, you're not working hard enough, period! Remember there is a difference between Health and Fitness. Health is watching what you eat and walking the dog for exercise or because you like it. Fitness is work. It should feel like work and when you are done you should need someone to tie your shoes for you! Come find me in the gym and I will give you an interval program to do in 20 minutes that will kick your butt! You can't miss me I'm the one limping around with no shoes on!
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