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And here it is: The Long Awaited Number One Thing You Might be Doing Wrong at the Gym is--
Not implementing the "Overload Principle"!

Here is the latest newsflash everyone, FITNESS IS NOT EASY, AND FITNESS WILL NOT COME FAST! Simply stated, this principle tells us that, in order to elicit change on our bodies, we must OVERLOAD or go beyond what we normally do.

In other words, GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! Without this type of overload, there IS NO CHANGE. Guess what? If you are doing sets of 10 with 15 repetition maximum you're not doing much so don't expect to see much in terms of gains.

Don't listen to the fitness guru that tells you to feel refreshed at the end of your workouts. You should be draggin' your butt in a wheelbarrow! When you have had a great workout, you are soaked and sore--and on your way to being fit. It might be the hard way, but it is the only way that works!
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