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More Tips for the New Year
Last week we blogged about setting measurable, attainable goals. Adhering to this principle will certainly yield results. However a definitive plan in the gym needs to be supported by a healthy lifestyle at home. So our number 2 way to ensure results in 2012 is…

2: Eat for Success
"You can’t out train a bad diet” My clients hear these words from me every single day. Too often the gym is being used to justify poor eating habits. Your nutrition is the tip of the spear ladies. The gym is support. Setting measurable attainable goals applies to your nutrition as well. Attainable, being the operative word. Trying the latest fad diet which leaves you feeling tired and hungry is a recipe for failure. Instead, gradual lasting changes should be made. We’re in it for the long haul ladies. We don’t want to go on a crash diet for a month only to create the illusion of success. We want to gradually create a new culture for ourselves. One that we want to sustain for the rest of our lives.

For me, eating is one of the most enjoyable aspects of life. No diet should ever make you feel otherwise. Food, like the gym should enhance your life, not feel like a chore. While we want to establish and stick to good eating habits, we don’t want to be so regimented that a slip up overwhelms us with guilt. Life is fluid. Start slowly. First identify certain red flag aspects of your diet. Are you eating a lot of fast or processed foods? Americans spend nearly half their food dollars on food prepared away from home, but that only accounts for about 21% of the meals they eat. So not only can you trim the waist line by preparing your own healthy alternatives you can also save money by eliminating this part of your diet. Do you find yourself snacking a lot between meals? Make sure that you’re not eating the processed foods that generally dominate the snack aisle. Instead shoot for some quick or pre prepared snacks to sustain you between meals. Options include but are not limited to the list below.

 Grab-and-go snacks
    •    fruit - grapes, blueberries, applies, bananas
    •    mixed nuts
    •    snack/protein bars
    •    whole grain crackers

Snacks that require a bit of preparation
    •    vegetables with hummus
    •    yogurt with fruit and granola
    •    1/2 cup cereal with milk
    •    peanut butter and carrots or celery
    •    smoothie
    •    roasted garbanzo beans

We want our eating to fuel our workouts and enhance our lives in the short as well as long term. Let’s make one change today that we can build on throughout the year and start creating a new culture of healthy eating. Eat for success ladies.

Woman’s Workout Company Trainer
Matthew Waddell

Cindy Dacey 3 years ago
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Thank you for the tips Matt. keep them coming. Cindy
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