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Don't look for pain, look for results.
This week I asked a client for feedback after a particularly rigorous training session. She was both surprised and a little disappointed that she didn’t "wake up sore”. I was puzzled by her desire to wake up in pain. When pressed to explain, she said that she doesn’t feel like she worked hard without some discomfort the next day. She fondly reminisced about the early stages of her training with me when she "could barely walk for two days.” This is a trend with both inexperienced trainers as well as uneducated fitness enthusiasts. Having your muscles in agony and being on the verge of nausea every time you workout is not what constitutes an efficient method of training.

While working through a certain level of discomfort during exercise can be both necessary and enlightening, do not seek discomfort as a criteria to judge your workout. If you’re unable to function for days at a time after a workout then odds are you’re doing more harm than good. Exercise should enhance your life. In the beginning as your body adapts to the new stress you’re putting on it, you can certainly expect some aches and pains. But after that, look to your goals and results as a means to gauge success. Will there be exceptions to this? Absolutely. Any time you radically alter your routine you can expect some soreness as your body adapts. As you strengthen your muscles and connective tissue this will occur less and less.

Anyone can put a bunch of random  exercises together and work you until you puke. Some view throwing up during a workout as a proverbial badge of honor. Yet in fact that is your body’s way of telling you something is very wrong. Don’t confuse giving your all with giving too much. Don’t look for pain, look for results.

Woman’s Workout Company Trainer
Matthew Waddell


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