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#8: Not Enough Patience with your Progress
Continuing with the top 10 things people do wrong at the gym, #8 is not having enough patience!

Many of you give up on training regimens only a few weeks after starting. Hold on, Ladies!!! A few weeks of training cannot be expected to negate years of inactivity and often abuse of your bodies. What many of you are neglecting to recognize is the fact that your body composition is changing and you are losing fat while gaining muscle.

This sometimes doesn't amount to a big change in the numbers on the scale. The fact is that while fat is fluffy and full of air and water, muscle is compact and firm. So with more muscle and less fat you will be smaller but maybe not hit the number you want on the scale. Think size, not numbers! If you could choose to have the body of your dreams but weigh the same number you do now, or to weigh 10 lbs. less than you do now but look exactly the same as you do today, which would you choose? Plus having more muscle is healthier, sexier, and it burns more calories so, have some patience and don't go nuts if you don't lose every week.

Even the poorest program can result in positive physical changes simply because of consistency and effort. Imagine the results you would get with an excellent training program? If you want faster results go find a trainer, a good one! There are a lot out there!
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