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No. 4 mistake at the gym--Scared to use athletic exercises during training!
There's a reason athletes look the way they do--it's their training. Effective, functional training will give you great results in less time.

The basic fitness moves are still the same as all-time. Push up, pull up, squats. They can be used to improve strength and power and increase flexibility and balance. The problem is that most of us can't even do a single push up, never mind a set of burpees (squat thrusts)--think gym class, and insert grimace here!

For this reason, I highly recommend the TRX training in what we fondly refer to as the "back room"! When hanging from the wall using your entire body as resistence, you will achieve these moves and improve your overall fitness and strength.

The old way of training on the "machines" in a circle with your little card; yeah, not so effective anymore. We don't move in straight lines, so why on earth would we train to get stronger to move that way? NO, we need to get stronger for the way we really move in everyday life--lifting, pulling, pushing, twisting--putting the groceries in the car, lifting the toddler out of the car seat, and getting your luggage down from the overhead bin! That's called functional movement and why we train you like your life depends on it--it kinda does!
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